Hydrocyclone Units

Hydrocyclone Units are used for separation, dewatering and treatment of gravel sands of 0 – 4 mm grain size. They provide sludge leachability down to 20 to 63 microns in single stage, two stage or three stage designs. The hydrocyclones are used for precise screening to a limit of e.g. 0.063 – 0.7 mm. These units are designed with capacities from 20 tph to 300 tph.

Hydrocyclone Units >> many advantages:

  • precise limit of separation of leachables down to 0.020 mm
  • very low water consumption and environmentally friendly operation
  • effective separation of friable grains and light substances
  • easy winter operation
  • the hydrocyclone unit is a semi-mobile construction, it is equipped with skids at the bottom, it is installed on a paved surface and does not need to be anchored
Parameters of Hydrocyclones Units

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.