Roller Crushers RCT

Roller Crushers RCT 46×160 A are designed for ash crushing from the power plant boiler and other materials with similar properties.

RCT crushers >> many advantages:

  • high technical level focusing on simple operation and maintenance,
  • minimum dust particles in the product,
  • high reduction ration,
  • high quality = highly economic operation.

Construction solution >> easy operation and maintenance

The RCT Crusher is easy to install, operate and maintain. The complete crusher is also with rotors drive and wheels on a conjoint frame. Between the active parts during crushing belongs two rollers with gear wheels. These rollers are rotated against each other, they’re pushing crushed material between themself what causes the crushing process. One of the important factors is the distance between teeth and their shape. This determine the outlet material size, among other things. According to the customer’s request, the crusher can be equipped with travelling wheels oriented longitudinally with the rotor axes or perpendicular to the rotor axis. The advantage of using the Toothed Roller Crusher RCT is a minimal representation of dust particles in the final product.

Parameters of RCT Crushers

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.

Model Name


Power Installed 



RCT 46×160 A