Coarse Screens VGO

VGO Coarse Screens are suitable for separating the clay from the input material prior to its entrance to the technological line, the grain size of the material should be up to 1m, and 1 to 2 screening decks. The upper deck has a grate and the screening slot of up to 150mm. The lower deck can have a screen with the mesh size of 35-63mm. The material can be aggregate, gravel sand, ore etc.

VGO Screens make circular movement. The movement is powered by unbalanced exciter located in the centre of gravity of the machine.

VGO Screens = many advantages:

  • resistance against clogging and sticking of the screened material on the screening decks,
  • the cascade design of the grate deck make the screening of finer fractions from the upper deck of the coarse screen more effective,
  • minimum operation costs, which results from the balanced machine design, utilization of many years’ of screen operation experience and unification of parts,
  • easy exchange of the screening decks,
  • high quality = high affectivity + highly economic operation.
Parameters of VGO Coarse Screens

The parameters must be dealt with individually depending on the relevant conditions.

Model Name

Width of the screening deck

Length of the screening deck

Power Installed




VGO 120×270/2